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…take control of your network …extend your bandwidth

– Bandwidth Manager
– Traffic Shaper
– High-End Proxy Server
– Enterprise Cache Server
– Optional Powerful Router (Integrates seamlessly with CISCO Network Infrastructure)
– Optional Transparent Bridge configuration
– Optional DNS Server
– Optional Firewall

Traffic Congestion Issues
Some individuals can fill up your bandwidth by running email extractor, FTP, P2P-File-Transfers, videos, playing online music or by simply downloading a large file.

A single windows workstation with a virus can fill up your Internet bandwidth Pipe.

Some individuals only need to open their favourite email site, compose and then send their email. Some other customers are more enthusiastic: They download Music Files, Programs and even install bandwidth hungry software on the system for use on your network. You need to be in control or else you loose your ability to render the right Quality of service (QoS) to deserving clients.

You could even end up spending twice or thrice the necessary budget on Bandwidth Purchase just to maintain an acceptable QoS for content delivery and still experience periods of bandwidth congestion.

Poor Network Response
Connection Time-outs, Breaking calls and Page display failures are common experiences among Internet users with poor network response. Many sites are visited frequently by customers. Such sites include home pages of major free web-mail sites Yahoo, Hotmail, etc… These pages can be cached so that future requests can be delivered locally without utilization of your Internet link. This results in Bandwidth saving and super fast access to such pages. This enhances your clients’ browsing experience.

Windows Security Vulnerabilities
When your Windows PCs have direct access to the Internet they are exposed to a host of Trojans attacks and Hackers. The Proxy Server (or optional NAT) Firewall technology protects your PCs from such attacks.


  • Be in control of your bandwidth resources & make money from your investment.
  • Cut your bandwidth budget by half and enjoy better “Quality of Service” (QoS)
  • Make clear calls while your data is under full control.
  • Get all these high end features at an affordable rate.
  • Enjoy DAIT Service … Enjoy DAIT Warranty

Bandwidth Control
– Control the Amount of Bandwidth Customers can use and prevent bandwidth hogging.
– Share available Bandwidth between customers.
– Dedicate specific Bandwidth to premium customers.
– Allocate Burstable Capacity to Customers.
– Control Bandwidth based on port/protocol or host IP.
– Integrated Firewall protects the device from hackers.
– It can be configured as a Transparent Ethernet Bridge so that no configuration changes will be needed on
your LAN servers/routers to include this device on your network.

Bandwidth Optimization
– Increase your bandwidth by 30% by caching frequently accessed web pages/files locally on functional
cache server.
– Access stored sites at over 10X your bandwidth.
– Cache Large files and graphics and make them available for future access at speeds above 8Mb/s.
– Daily Anti-virus updates and periodic windows updates are cached so that they are faster and less
bandwidth demanding.

DNS Server (Optional)
Many ISPs, Mega-cafes, and big corporate Internet users do no have a local DNS server.
They have their DNS servers on the other side of the VSAT link. This is very unhealthy to your network users. It implies that :
– DNS queries will take at least 2 seconds per query and up to 5 seconds for some.
– When you want to browse a single web-page that makes up to ten DNS queries. Even on a fast link this
page may not load in less than 30 seconds, as 20 seconds are already wasted on DNS queries.
– Your users will have to wait for the “Finding host” message to disappear every time they click a link or are
Get rid of the “Finding host” messages and speed up your browsing.

Advanced Router Configuration (Optional)
In the optional advanced router configuration the F-control Cache shaper can replicate the functionality of a Cisco router. This functionality is useful in the following scenarios:

Full Router Functionality: When you want to use the F-control CacheShaper exclusively to do all your
routing (SNAT, DNAT or Static) and access control, instead of using a dedicated Cisco router.

Separate your voice and data traffic: When you want to operate the device in a Cisco routed
network, but you want the cache to know the direct route to your hosts.
This makes it possible for you to separate your voice traffic from your data traffic and hence improve your
voice quality.

Accelerate your network:Improve your network response time & reduce network congestion by shortening the data path between your the CacheShaper and your customers.

Firewall (Optional)
You cannot run your business network with peace of mind without protecting your in-house inherently vulnerable windows PCs from Trojans and Hackers. Protect you network with the powerful fully integrated firewall.

Browser-Based Graphic User Interface
Assign Bandwidth to Customers/PCs on Graphic User Interface (GUI)
Be in full control of your network.
– Dedicate specific bandwidth to individual customers.
– Share Bandwidth amongst customers or PCs.
– Assign Burstable bandwidth or bandwidth limit to individuals or group of customers.

Monitor your Bandwidth on Graphic User Interface (GUI)
Monitor bandwidth usage over different periods (Minutes, hours, Days, Months)
– Monitor your network traffic in clear graphical format.
– Enforce your upstream-provider/ISP’s Service Level agreement
– Review your network traffic even over long periods (weeks, months, etc…)
– Can serve as control to monitor browsing activities both locally & remotely.
– View Download/Upload rates of individual Customers/PCs.
– Show your customers evidence of your commitment to Service Level Agreement(SLA).